Hard Surface Modelling

Over the past week I have worked on a Remington 870 tactical model as part of my elective’s final assignment.

A reference image for modelling

I chose this due to its usability in a current project of mine.

Low Poly Modelling

When I first started modelling this thing, I chose to block it out using primitives and modifiers to create the general shape, I was able to shape everything except the handle:


Next was to construct the handle which I used the oval-like shape of the primitives I constructed, extruding and shaping into the needed shape:


I continued, creating the trigger and other details:


Now became the most interesting part of the model, the hole it the side of the gun for shells to leave. I knew from previous models I worked on that 3ds max had the ability to do functions with 2 meshes where it may carve out a mesh using another, which got me:

Carve 1.jpgCarve 2.jpg

This produced a mesh extremely quickly where I would have needed to spend a lot of time tediously moving vertices around to make them fit.

My final low poly version ended up looking like this:

low poly.jpg

High Poly Modelling

This took me awhile, most of it was filled tweaking and hacking at the topology to get what I needed. It turned out well as seen below:

High Poly.jpg

All detail needed was produced, though when I tried to turn this into a normal map, I got too low of quality:

So I gave up and went to using smoothing groups which produced a better result, albeit, no detail.

UV Mapping

UV Mapping was pretty straight forward, a few problems with the software itself than the process. The image is too obscure to view the lines so I wont post it.


Remington Diffuse.png



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