Recreation of an old project

Yesterday I began somewhat working on an old project. This old project was called “Supply and Demand”, and it was a 2v2 2D mini-war game where each team has a land troop and an aerial troop. The land troop can shoot a pistol and the aerial troop can drop bombs as well as stun the other team’s aerial troop. If the land troop is killed or a special weapon is used to kill the aerial troop, the aerial troop becomes a land troop that can throw grenades. Explosions alter the landscape which disallows for permanent hiding.

This game was received poorly as not all visual assets were implemented (made it look of poor quality), but the coding was done well and the most enjoyable part was destroying the terrain using bombs and grenades.

The work I have done on the old project is somewhat of a remake. The remake was initially going to be an excuse to recreate the terrain destruction into something of higher quality, using 2D voxels instead of the standard cubes that were used last time. So far all that I have done is create code for initialising the voxel world, I have yet to construct it, and a player controller with troop management. My first thought was to have Ear clipping (Eberly 13), but this would probably be bad as some disconnected land masses would be invisibly connected through the mesh and collider, so I decided to make the mesh through vertices at the grid points in space that are within the mesh and the outside connected to adjacent vertices on the outside as well. This I have yet to implement, but I intend to do it soon.

This game, through coding the player controller has become a worms(“Worms (Series)”) style game in which each player will have multiple troops that can move in turns. This will be more fun as the destruction can be more focused on for quality.


Eberly, David. Triangulation By Ear Clipping. 1st ed. Geometric Tools, LLC, 2002. Web. 4 July 2016.

“Worms (Series)”. Wikipedia. N.p., 2016. Web. 18 July 2016.


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