Incubator – week 3

Playing God ~ 2.5 hours

Over the past week, Joel and I worked a little on the design of Playing God and decided what we were going to show off. We ended up going with the game playing in the background and us talking about what it is, where it is at, where it is going, and what we intend to use incubator for. The game shown had no alterations since its completion last trimester even though we discussed the potential changes, some feedback was given, but mostly what we got was just people asking questions for clarification on the game itself.

Our design choices that we talked about were regarding the replayability of the game and how its final version last trimester was something people would play due to it existing in the exhibition(where we showed it off at the end of trimester). Some feedback from exhibition last time helped us decide on what we can do next week for playtesting, and that was just a timer to keep the player from taking 20 minutes on each turn, making the whole experience less drab from what it is right now. We discussed turning it into a multiplayer game, but due to the amount of time available to us and the current state, we decided to focus more heavily on the core game loop.

The dungeon ~ 0 hours

Nothing to report

Ding Dong Dynasty ~ 0 hours

Still need to get Ash Jagath to come to incubator to discuss things further

Sadly I did not live up to the amount of work I initially set aside, but I was able to get


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