Incubator – week 2

Today was the first day I attended the incubator program at my university. This trimester marks the first time something like this has been attempted at the Brisbane campus for SAE. This, like most incubators, is intended to allow for people to work on their projects with the possible assistance of knowledgeable peers. I missed the first week of incubator but was able to catch up due to one of the teachers holding the program sending out an email detailing what was needed for this week.

For this week, we all brought with us answers to these 3 questions:

If you have an existing project that you wish to work on:
       Which project, specifically?
       What state would you like this project to be in by the end of 16T2? (What is your goal?)
       Realistically, how many hours per week will you be able to spend on this project?
If you don’t have a project of your own, but would like to assist somebody else with theirs:
       What kinds of work would you like to be doing on a project?
       Realistically, how many hours per week will you be able to spend on this project?
If you want to extend your skills in an area, but don’t have a project in mind:
       What area?  Be specific!
       We can help you figure out how to learn things via a project.

When we arrived, we began talking about our projects, some people had 2 projects, some had 1, some even shared a project. I for one had 3 projects that I wanted to get done by the end of trimester. These 3 are :

  • Ding Dong Dynasty (WIP name)
  • Playing God
  • The dungeon

Ding Dong Dynasty (WIP name) ~3 hours/week

This game was made at the latest Make-A-Thing. It’s a 4 player party game where everyone is a monk, and the players have to pick up a bell to ring, the sound wave that is projected off the bell can kill any player not holding it.

After playing it with some friends for video footage, one of those who played it said that it was fun, which made me want to use this incubator program to finish it off. The only problems with this project currently is that is not yet finished in the art department, the name must be changed, and the controllers have a problem where the triggers of 2 controllers are connected. My ultimate goal is to have this on the Xbox one marketplace as a free downloadable party game, though Steve Halliwell told me that there are various problem with that.

By the end of trimester I want to have this finished. Currently Ash Jagath is the only one who is also working on it.

Playing God ~2 hours/week

The final project for last trimester’s studio class. This project is a single-player rts style game where the player must use 3 god powers to get the stats of villages on a hexagonal map within a certain range for 3 turns for the village to be ‘enlightened’, getting 4 or more villages ‘enlightened’ wins the game, the player has 25 turns to do so.

This will be worked on with Joel Mehonoshen as we progressively refine it into a portfolio piece we are proud of.

The dungeon ~4 hours/week

A Nintendo 3DS game I was working on last trimester with Liam Harvey. This game will be a monster hunter-eske game where there is only 1 quest: save the captured villager. Currently we have the documentation done for the design, I just need to finish up a shader that will allow for animations, something that is a little difficult due to multidimensional arrays not existing within the shader language the rendering API is using. Multidimensional arrays would have allowed me to do simple bone animation using indices. Once I have the shader done, I will be able to contact Liam and start work on a TDD for the game.

This game will hopefully be in a playable state by the end of the trimester.

Next week we are needed to have a presentation done for 1 project, which Joel and I will be presenting the current progress of Playing God.


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